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Remote Tarot Reading

Readings can help you understand your strengths and reveal any blind spots you might have; they can provide you with clarity, happiness and freedom from negativity; they can show you new positive directions and guide you on how to achieve your highest potential.

Mike Kay offers remote readings through the use of Tarot and may be conducted via email, telephone or virtual session (Google Meet; Zoom).

If you seek a deeper insight of yourself or of a specific situation, or just want to check in with The Universe to see what it has to say, a Tarot reading will help.

After you have purchased your reading length, you will receive an e-mail offering a selection of times for the reading to take place. You select the time that suits you best, and supply a method of contact.

Depending on your scheduling, most readings take place within seven (7) days of purchase.

Note: Mike Kay will not give readings about health issues, investment opportunities, or legal proceedings. This service is for entertainment purposes only.